Celebrating 10 years of life changing social impact with UniQuest, UQ and Endeavour Foundation

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UniQuest is the main commercialisation company of the University of Queensland (UQ). The company helps University researchers get their research to the market to transform lives, just like Latch-On has been doing for over 15 years. From life sciences to engineering to social enterprises, UniQuest has had an enormous impact on millions of people’s lives. Gardasil is now used by millions of girls around the globe, just like UQ’s technology is present in the majority of MRIs around the world. The Triple P Parenting Program is also another hugely successful social innovation developed at the University of Queensland and transferred to the marketplace thanks to researchers’ collaboration with UniQuest.


Thank you note

In recent years, individuals with Down Syndrome have achieved levels of literacy that were once regarded by society as unattainable. All those young people need is the opportunity to continue their literacy education through appropriate teaching and learning strategies.

The Latch-On Program is that opportunity: a structured literacy and numeracy program focusing on specific comprehension strategies.


Latch-On teaches literacy foundation skills for people with intellectual disability.
Quote from Cardoso-Martins, Perterson, Olson & Pennington (2009) Component reading skills in down Syndrome. Reading and Writing. 22, 277-292.




We would like to thank UniQuest and our Latch-On Partners: Endeavour Foundation and Down Syndrome Ireland. You have helped us make this transformative journey come true for so many young people and families around the globe. From Australia to Ireland to Canada we have been very fortunate to transform our 15 years of research into global impact.


Where next?

Would you like to teach the Latch-On Program in our community?

We would love to hear from you. Email us and we will provide you with all the information you need to get you started.

Our 2015 goal is to expand the reach of the Latch-On Program. We have been very fortunate so far to create strong communities of practice with Endeavour Foundation and Down Syndrome Ireland.


Let’s celebrate!


The following is an extract from the UniQuest News section. UniQuest writes about celebrating its decade of partnership with us (UQ Researchers) and Endeavour Foundation, our first ever Latch-On Partner.


Latch-On literacy skills for adults with intellectual disabilities
Students attending Latch-On Bundaberg, in Queensland Australia (Source: UniQuest.com.au)


“ An evidence-based program initiated at The University of Queensland (UQ) to assist young adults with an intellectual disability is celebrating 10 years of collaboration with Endeavour Foundation.


The Latch-On program, which has been trialed and evaluated over 15 years, is a multimedia program which combines traditional literacy and numeracy teaching styles with technology instruction.


Endeavour Foundation Executive General Manager – Disability and Community Services Gail Davidson said this milestone was made possible by the dedication of the Latch-On team, Endeavour Foundation Education staff, and UniQuest.


“10 years is a milestone in any business or program, but to see one that supports young students to be able to increase their independence is extremely gratifying”, she said.


“Seeing the impact this program has on the students and their families shows that the 10 years it has been running has made a real difference in the lives of many people,” Ms Davidson said.


The Latch-On program works with students to grow their literacy skills in print, oral, and multi-media contexts, and develop email, internet, and word processing skills.

The Latch-On program was designed by UQ researchers Associate Professor Karen Moni and Dr Anne Jobling, in consultation with UniQuest, and the Australian rights licensed to the Endeavour Foundation.


UniQuest CEO Dr Dean Moss said the collaboration between the Endeavour Foundation, the UQ research team, and UniQuest has enabled the innovative and effective Latch-On program to assist adults with an intellectual disability reach their full potential.


“The continued success of Latch-On demonstrates UniQuest’s capability in transferring UQ’s research strengths to industry, delivering transformative social enterprise solutions” He said.



The Latch-On Team



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