5 easy steps to become a Latch-On Partner [Illustrated]

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Become a Latch-On Partner to provide literacy education for young adults with intellectual disabilities.

We love building relationships. To prove it, our Partner Endeavour Foundation has been teaching the Latch-On Program in Australia for over a decade. Many young Australians and their families have seen their lives being transformed. Similarly, our first European Partner Down Syndrome Ireland now has over 13 Latch-On teaching sites across the country.

We are very proud of this award winning, evidence-based Program we have developed at the University of Queensland’s School of Education. Our Partners have embraced the power of lifelong learning for young adults with intellectual disabilities. We hope you can be part of the journey too.


We want your success

All we want is your success, and of course success for our Latch-On students.

To ensure you are ready to become a Partner we want you to really know and understand the features and benefits of Latch-On, and also have a firm grasp of the commitment and resources required to make it a success for your organisation.


Let’s get started in 5 easy steps


Literacy education for young adults with intellectual disabilities


Our relationship doesn’t end after giving you all the tools for success and training of your Key Teachers and Tutors. We will be providing on-going support along the way.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

The Latch-On Team