Latch-On students graduate

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Students attend Latch-On classes two to three days a week, for two years. The program is challenging but life changing. We are nearing the end of the year, which means it is almost graduation time for our 2015 cohort. We throw it back to the first ever Latch-On graduation ceremony our Australian partner, Endeavour Foundation, held. We would like to reflect on the positive impact the program has had on the lives of the participants and the joy shared with family and friends.

Five Latch-On students made history back in 1998 as the first graduates of our Literacy, Numeracy and Technology program. Two decades later, close to 400 students have transformed their lives and are now more active member of our community. They can read, write, communicate, and some even have secured a job. They prove literacy is power. The following is an article taken from Endeavour Foundation’s news.


Endeavour Foundation: “Graduation joy for Latch-On students”

Read the full article and other exciting news on Endeavour Foundation’s website.


Five Latch-On students have made history as the first graduates of the Certificate 2 Literacy & Technology program in Australia. They were among dozens of talented students presented with their end-of-year honours in a series of graduation ceremonies across Queensland last week.


Families, friends and supporters were also present to enjoy the celebrations at Latch On® services in Bundaberg, Townsville and Brisbane – with more graduations to follow in Sydney on Tuesday 11 December.


The Latch On® tertiary education program, developed and coordinated in conjunction with The University of Queensland, is designed to develop literacy, technology and life skills in young adults with an intellectual disability.

It is available exclusively through Endeavour Foundation in Brisbane, Bundaberg, Sydney and Townsville.


Students attend for two days a week for the two-year program, with an optional third year available. Course work includes literacy, communication and computer skills while also developing self-confidence, interaction and employability. Each class is co-ordinated by a registered teacher who is supported by purpose-trained teachers.

Area Manager for Disability Services Deirdre Bennett is responsible for Latch-On® and said the graduation ceremonies marked the end of a busy year.

“The students have worked very hard throughout the program and their certificates are testimony to that,” she said. “The graduations are an opportunity to celebrate their achievements.”


Ms Bennett described the ceremonies as “proud and wonderful occasions for the students, families and carers, and everyone connected with Endeavour Foundation”.

On Tuesday, 11th December, seven students from Latch-On® in Castle Hill, Sydney, will be awarded a Certificate II in Literacy & Technology.

Along with their Bundaberg counterparts, these talented young adults are the first graduates of the Certificate II in Literacy & Technology program.



Congratulations to our past and future Latch-On graduates. Keep reading, writing and learning. We wish you all the best in your new endeavours!


The Latch-On Team


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