Top 5 benefits of becoming a Latch-On Partner

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If you are reading this article, it means you have some intentions of becoming a Partner. Or if you are a parent you are very interested in spreading the word about Latch-On to your local community to get the Program on its feet in your area.

So thank you

For those of you who are just discovering Latch-On (Literacy and Technology Hands-On): It is a two-year post-secondary school literacy, numeracy and technology program for adults with learning disabilities. Latch-On stems from over 15 years of research, has created strong communities of practice in Australia and Ireland (our first Latch-On Partner in Europe) is an award-winning literacy program.

While there are many more benefits from teaching the Latch-On literacy program, here are the top 5:


#1: Evidence-based


Latch-On is based on over 20 years of research at the University of Queensland. Unlike any other literacy program, Latch-On stems from very strong educational and literacy foundations. In their adult years, opportunities for literacy education for individuals with intellectual disabilities become very limited. It doesn’t have to be this way. Through our research we found that most literacy programs are adhoc, limited and unstructured. Hence not pursuing the goal of “lifelong learning”.

The founders of the Latch-On Program have a very clear understanding of the best teaching practices. Their research interests include literacy assessment and education. We have dedicated the past 20 years in perfecting the Program and have been fortunate to see its amazing outcomes.


#2: Designed for learners and teachers


Because we understand (actually, we live and breathe) literacy education for young adults with intellectual disabilities we have developed the Latch-On Program. Latch-On is a tailored, sequenced program framework that is designed to meet the needs and interests of young adults with intellectual abilities.

So much so that the Latch-On Program recognises that like other learners, people with intellectual disabilities have diverse characteristics, behaviours and needs. They also are as diverse as other groups of learners in terms of their interests, previous learning experiences and aspirations.

We recognise the various traditional and contemporary literacy elements and have developed (and continuously improve and adapt) the Program around this understanding.

The Program is also flexible to meet students’ needs. In fact, we provide “Teaching Tips” throughout the modules that enable adaptation and customisation.


#3: You are empowered to create communities of practice and lifelong learning


The key to success is to build what we call “communities of practice”. We strongly believe that young adults flourish in an environment that empowers lifelong learning.

When Latch-On students and teachers work together to develop new understandings of and about language, literacy and texts, they can be said to be developing a community—a community with literacy links to other social endeavours which assist in the development of lifelong learners.   It is important to note that Latch-On is not an intervention program but the continuation of literacy instruction into young adulthood.


#4: On-going support


Once you become a Latch-On partner, you will receive support from the start to help you make the most of the Program. From training to consultations to site visits and professional development workshops, our team has you covered to ensure the success of your local Latch-On program.

Additional support is also available along the way (additional telephone/skype consultations, site visits, key teacher training, implementation planning support, and more!). Contact us if you would like more information.


#5: Transform the lives of young adults


The best of all is that you are able to witness before your own eyes the transformation of your young people. They become more confident and more independent as they acquire new skills for their everyday lives during their Latch-On class. They can read menus, read books, give a presentation, use the Internet, iPads, computers… they can write stories and even find a job.

Participating in the Latch-On Program is truly a life-changing experience.


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