Who is UniQuest? Its role with the Latch-On Program

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UniQuest is supporting and in charge of licensing the Latch-On Program, a two-year post-secondary literacy, numeracy and technology program for young adults with intellectual disability.

UniQuest is the main commercialisation company for the intellectual property developed by the University of Queensland (UQ). It is Australia’s leading technology transfer and research commercialisation company, with a track record of multinational business, cross-border deals and successful commercialisation outcomes.

UniQuest is all about research management, industry engagement and commercialisation for UQ. Its 30 years’ experience of commercialisation execution has resulted in over 700 patent applications, 100+ license agreements generating over US$10 billion in gross product sales, and 70 startup companies which have gone on to raise over US$490 million to take UQ innovation to the marketplace.

UniQuest is the company behind the highly successful commercialisation of the Triple P parenting program, a program “recognised globally for its ability to reduce children’s behavioural problems, increase parenting skills and improve overall family wellbeing”.

UniQuest has also proudly been supporting Latch-On for over a decade and is the reason why we have been able to transform lives.


“UniQuest, the University’s innovation and commercialisation arm, saw the potential to use the Latch-On program to help intellectually disabled adults reach their full potential, and worked with the Latch-On creators to ensure that young people across Australia – and around the world – could have access to this invaluable program” – UniQuest Latch-On Commercialisation Story.

Anne Bannister
is the current Director of Commercial Engagement for Social Enterprises. She will be your first point of contact shall you enquire about the program for further information or to become a Latch-On Partner.

In the meantime, you can read more about UniQuest and Latch-On success story here.


The Latch-On Team