Latch-On: A track record of 20 years
creating communities of practice and transforming lives


The story behind Latch-On

Latch-On emanated from extensive research conducted by the University of Queensland’s School of Education and began in 1998. It now has a strong foundation in both educational research and practice.

Initiated and designed by Dr Karen Moni and Dr Anne Jobling, the program provides opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities to continue their literacy development.

In 2004, the program was expanded to community-based environments. However, the research and key teacher training components remain with the University team.


Latch-On making a difference

The program is made available to industry through UniQuest Pty Limited, which is the main commercialisation company of The University of Queensland (UQ). Current Latch On providers include Endeavour Foundation (Queensland and New South Wales) and Down Syndrome Ireland.

UniQuest and Endeavour Foundation have just celebrated their ten years of partnership and life changing social impact in Australia. As for Down Syndrome Ireland, the Latch-On program is now offered in over eleven educational centers across the country, and many participants have now moved into their first job.

From “Starting a Journey of Self-Discovery” to “Taking on the World” (two of the modules of the program) Latch-On trained teachers are empowered to improve their students’ literacy skills and lives.


Our philosophy

Our philosophy (and mission) is that: “Everyone is a learner with ideas worth communicating, and communities of practice create lifelong learning.”

So if you would like to become a partner and be part of our community of practice, contact us today.


What’s next?

Read more about what Latch-On is, its benefits, special features and literacy elements. You can find a Latch-On class near you or learn how you can become a partner.


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