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What students say

“I wanted to read menus. I found it hard just sitting there. It was embarrassing to ask my mum or my sisters to do it for me.” Amy

“I liked Latch-On because I got to make new friends my own age. I really like it. My reading has also improved – it’s going very good! I think this course is something other people should definitely do.” Peter

“This term we are going to the library. Pam is teaching us how to search the web and how to write e-mails. I like my friends and the teachers. It is fun!” Stephen

“I like to read big words and learn what they mean. I like writing about Harry Potter, books and movies. I like to read my own writing and stories.” Emma

“One of the things I like most at Latch-On is exploring the internet, because I can read things for myself. I’m getting more confident. Being able to read more helps with getting a job. I’m trying to get my forklift ticket. Driving a forklift or being a truck offside would be great. I would also like working in a restaurant.” Andrew

“I like coming here because it helps with my life. I really enjoy the research and learning tools that are part of Latch-On. They have helped me to think logically about creating reports and documents”. Adam

What parents say

“Her writing is unbelievable since she started the Latch-On program. It’s unbelievable. I think it is the best thing that ever happened for people with Down Syndrome.” Amy’s mum

“There is a lot of reading and computer work. He has acquired new IT skills and his literacy has continued to improve. He gets homework to do and he does it – they read articles from the newspaper or online. The topics are very interesting.” Bridge

“Latch-On is a supportive and safe environment which encourages individuals to develop and explore avenues of personal growth, intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically.” Jan

“He is more confident and fluent and is not put off as easily by words he doesn’t know. He is more interested in reading.” Patricia